Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winning is Like Rainbows

You lot are awesome. Thank you all so much for entering - especially you guys who keep coming around. (And old friends like Kathy, Donna and Terri.) I hate that there can only be one winner. Please play again next time! WINNER: Cora Zane (I've emailed you.) WINNING SENTENCE: Wished to GOD for an evil eBay seller deathray button. (Man, Cora - I have been there.) TOP TEN (in no particular order):
  • Stephanie F - Vet appointment, then work. Haunted all afternoon by lunch's excessive garlic.
  • Liv - Skiied down snowy green circle hills while screaming my voice hoarse.
  • Janet Reid - Tweeting; Reading; Tweeting; Speaking; Tweeting; Eating. Yay! D100D Contest Entry Creating! (Your enthusiasm is like rainbows!)
  • Kitten With a Whiplash - Briefly traded cyberspace for reality; everyone I met was an idiot.
  • Terri - Drove past junked VW bugs and thought of Amy and Krista. (Aw. The junkyard. Fond memories.)
  • Joanne Levy - Went to work, hid screen from co-workers, read Janet Reid’s blog.
  • Alea - Yesterday, we were robbed, didn't realize for an hour, felt stupid. (Bummer. Glad you’re okay.)
  • Hillary - Why does school have to start so early? I hate mornings. (I agree. I always have and always will.)
  • The Compulsive Reader - Got ditched by friends and drowned my sorrows in Mexican food.
  • Lisa Schroeder - Learned of a new book that sounds fantastic and entered contest! (Thanks Lisa! Welcome!)
  • (And Happy Belated Birthday, NotaMeanGirl! 40 is the new 25! Trust me!)
A HUGE Thank you again to all of you who entered. I have something extra special planned for next week. Now, I'm off to work for the weekend. Feel free to share your evil eBay seller (or buyer) stories in the comment trail.


Cora Zane said...

Thank you! :*)

Anonymous said...

Why do I massively fail at winning any of these things haha?

A.S. King said...

Aw - xollinzolox - don't be blue. There were almost 90 contestants and only one winner. Please come back and try again! Your participation is awesome and appreciated!
xo Amy