Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wagging on Wednesday

Wagging on Wednesday is brought to you today by my best friend Krista and her dog, Lucy. I've known Krista for 20 years and she ROCKS in every possible way there is to rock. Krista wrote: We adopted Lucy from a shelter about 4 yrs ago, and we think she is now about 6. We guess she is part Lab/part Shepherd, but it really is anyone’s guess. I consider Lucy to be the BEST dog in the history of dogs. OK, OK, so she is the first dog I have ever owned, but she just ROCKS! She knows she cannot go on the stairs if any of the kids are climbing up or down. She sits by the back door looking up at me waiting to say “OK” before she goes out even if she reallllly has to go out. Since we have no sidewalks here, when we are out walking and she hears a car, she herds the kids off to the side, and is more vigilant than I am about it. She puts up with our insane dog , Maisy, who is very cute, but lacks the ability to learn. Lucy is a GREAT dog. Where did Lucy's name come from? She was adopted from a shelter and they named her. We considered changing it, but she was at the shelter for about 6 months and already had BECOME Lucy. She had a broken leg when she was found, and the staff kept her in the office with them until her leg was healed. What are some of her quirks - and bold moments? Quirks: She really only has one, he sleeps with her right front paw over her head and behind her ear. I have never seen a dog sleep like that before, but it is the only way he can sleep. Bold moments: She has been known to eat a whole stick of butter off of the kitchen counter in about 2 seconds, while making not a single sound. She really is a well behaved dog, unless you leave unattended food somewhere in the kitchen. Then, all bets are off. Look at Lucy right now. Tell me what she's thinking. It is usually one of 2 things, get off the computer and rub my belly, or I wonder what kind of food the kids will drop on the floor today! Does Lucy have any super powers? If yes, what are they? Well, she can climb fences. 3 Days after we got her, she climbed a 6.5 foot fence and got out of our yard, while I was out with her. She is an escape artist. She can also jump our baby gates on the stairs. What book/s is Lucy most looking forward to in 2009? D100D of course. She cannot wait to hear all about Saffron! (Aw thanks Krista.) Thanks for bringing Lucy around to see us today Krista! Anyone else out there looking forward to some books? Tell us about them! And thanks so much for all of your WOW entries - you'll be hearing from me as Wednesdays come and go. If you came here looking to see if you won a signed copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs in yesterday's contest, then you need to come back tomorrow (Thursday) because that's when I'm announcing the winner. But if you're bored and want to see something cool? Have you stopped into the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks lately?


Cora Zane said...

Aw, Lucy sounds like such a sweetie pup. :*)

Joanne Levy said...

What a cutie! I have a real soft spot for pound pups. Lucy sounds like a great family dog.

Krista said...

LUCY ROCKS!!!! thanks for letting me hare her with you guys!

Hey, A, I thought you were going to post tat picture, lol

A.S. King said...

After Dinner, Krista - and I will post it! It's awesome!
And thanks so much for bring Lucy to us!


Anonymous said...

Lucy is one lucky dog.