Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wagging on Wednesday

Wagging on Wednesday is brought to us today by the awesome Hillary from The Book Reader blog, who writes:

My dog's name is Diera (pronounced Dee-Air-Ah). She's an eight year old black and tan German Shepard and one of my five dogs. Her hobbies include eating, thinking of food, and sleeping on the furniture when no one can see her. I've had her my entire life and we're best friends. I give her food and she makes a good pillow for me when I'm reading.

Where did Diera's name come from? I did not chose Diera's name. The people who had her before I got her chose the name. It's pronounced Dee-Air-Ah.

What are some of her quirks? Diera LOVES food. She freaks out every time I mention food or feeding her. She's got some extra weight, as you would expect from someone so addicted. She's also very fond of lying on her back and barking at my other dogs.

Any particularly amusing bold moments? Whenever I walk near her food or treats she starts sniffing at them and whining. She stares at the treats, glancing me every few seconds, until I give her a treat. If I don't she lays underneath them until I do. I always give in because she looks so pathetic.

What book/s is Diera most looking forward to in 2009? Diera is very much looking forward to Chasing Fire by Suzanne Collins, The Dust of 100 Dogs (she loves dog-ish books), The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan, and Stephenie Meyer's next book.

What do you think Diera could teach alien species if she were abducted by aliens? I think she would be able to teach them the perfect technique to get anyone to share their food with her. It has never failed.

Thanks a million for bringing Diera around to Wagging on Wednesday, Hillary!

Anyone else out there looking forward to some books? Tell us about them!

And thanks so much for all of your WOW entries - you'll be hearing from me as Wednesdays come and go. Next up - my best friend Krista's dog. If you came here looking to see if you won a signed copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs in yesterday's contest, then you need to come back tomorrow (Thursday) because that's when I'm announcing the winner. But if you're bored and want to see something cool? Have you checked out the D100D book trailer yet?


Joanne Levy said...

Wow - Diera is SO good-looking! And she sounds very crafty and smart.

p.s. 10 days until DUST releases!!!! Yowza!

A.S. King said...

I agree, Joanne. This picture just speaks to me. I *love* German Shepards. She seems pretty much made of awesome, doesn't she?

And yep - 10 days. 10 DAYS. Wow!