Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Snowy Day

So you're sniffing around for a winner, eh? Well, I'm afraid I have bad news. First - it was really hard judging this week. You guys are all way too good at these challenges for me to go on much longer. This week, I was actually moved by a few of your entries. This bout of uncontrollable emotion, mixed with a significant snowfall and a quarter mile of driveway means I'm going to be late. As late as Saturday. But have no fear! There are other things! Did you know The Dust of 100 Dogs launches on Sunday? Did you know there's going to be a party here this weekend? With Games? And Prizes? (Like maybe another book or two?) Until I come back and tell you more, here are a few D100D things. An interview with Saffron exploring the basics of pirate etiquette, involving ninjas and feminism. A review at Omnivoracious - "It's disheartening and terrifying one minute and twisted and fun the next." Hey Krista! There we are circa 1989. Two very very very hip ladies. Miss you! xo


Krista said...

oh my, look at the state of us! you have inspired me to go through my old photos!!

Krista said...
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Sara Raasch said...

I LOVE the interview with Saffron! Eek, it's all so exciting!