Saturday, January 31, 2009

Party on Dude.

Welcome to the D100D Online Launch Party! Thanks so much for coming. Have you signed the Guest Book? --------------------------------> I was up late last night devising ridiculous schemes to keep you entertained and happy while you're here, so I'll start today with the easiest part to give my brain a chance to wake up properly -- the winner of the last contest. As always, thank you all so much for entering - especially you guys who keep coming around. I hate that there can only be one winner. I really do. Stay tuned - there will be contests all weekend to win copies of D100D and other GREAT BOOKS! WINNER: Jonathan Quist (I've emailed you.) WINNING ENTRY: (Which actually combines two contests, and consists of three eleven-word sentences. Kudos, man.) A mighty lass died in the sand, cursed a cur's existence. One hundred times she died again, resurrected by a Royal Pen. Returned, she now does lay her claim, through dogged sheer persistence. (This actually continues in true sea chantey style and has a refrain, but I will stick to the actual entry for the sake of moving this party along!) Top Ten: Liv, Enward, Summer, Terri, Alexander, AmandaKMorgan, Kitten With a Whiplash, jocelyn, pseudosu and Janet Reid (who came in a very close second.) Now look - don't be blue. There's another chance to win. How are your haiku? You remember how it goes, right?
FIVE syllables SEVEN syllables FIVE syllables
Not enough coffee in the coffee pot today to make me perky.
Can you write me a fitting haiku for this occasion? DEADLINE for HAIKU CONTEST is NOON SUNDAY Feb 1st! (That's 24 hours.) PRIZE: a signed copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs! Leave your entries in the comment area with your email address. Good Luck! Back for our first party game at 2pm! (Yes, that's me over there to the right, getting ready for party games.) More prizes! Until then, have you signed the Guest Book? ------------------------------> (AN ADDITIONAL NOTE TO THOSE HEADING OUT TO BUY THE BOOK THIS WEEKEND - SOME STORES MIGHT NOT STOCK UNTIL MONDAY! CALL FIRST!)


Janet Reid said...

well, even though I didn't win (boo hoo) I have to say, JQ's entry really was darn good.

Jackie said...

Here's my haiku. Heh.

This is a bad time
For me to admit the truth:
I'm a cat person.

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Yes. Jonathan nailed it. Not once, not twice, but thrice.

Congrats and party on!

Jackie said...

Whoops. Email is j a x aht j a c k i e k e s s l e r daht cahm

Joanne Levy said...

I freaking love that photo. LOVE IT. Gawd.

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Here's my haiku:

Yelping while whelping
Pups and bones and fighting snarls
Dog life is a bitch.

P.S. This is not a lie: My captca word is: MATING. I'm verifying it now.

Erika Powell said...

Congrats to Amy
Can not wait for my copy
won't move til its read

Ok, so i am not great at these things but I gave it a try!

A.S. King said...

Janet - JQ is a hell of a writer. Come back and give me a haiku when you're sick of swimming through queries addressed to Dear Agent.

Jackie - I love it.

Joanne - if you love that photo, then prepare yourself. I'm about to post some great old pics all day long.

Carolyn! awesome! Great captcha. I hear today's word of the day is CANINE. Uncanny!

ErikaLynn - thanks for coming around! I think that's a great try! I hope you enjoy the book!

You guys all rock for coming around! It's nice to celebrate like this after 15 years of writing novels by myself. :)

Liviania said...

It is a party!
Let us commence with soda
and freshly baked goods!

Diana Dang said...

Celebration time
of puppy dog tails along
with good ol' pirates

Joanne Levy said...

My good friend Amy
Has a book out this weekend
I'm so freaking proud.

Diana Dang said...

Gah! faked_sugartone at hotmail

Erika Powell said...

don't think i left me email address

Anonymous said...

so proud of sister
waited so long for this day
cried at the bookstore

Anonymous said...

hard day at workplace
craving my sabre in hand
managers eye out

Anonymous said...

crazy pirate life
sweet and lazy sleeping dogs
i wish i was both

jocelyn said...

Haiku is not my
Greatest talent--but, Congrats!
Pirates, dogs--how great.

Anonymous said...

I hate poetry.
More than anything else. But
It's worth it. Priceless.

LisaMay said...

For a teen pirate
Hundred lives spent as a dog
Must have been quite hard

Haiku is hard :(

Unknown said...

It's finally here,
The Dust of 100 Dogs.
Read it and enjoy!

Unknown said...

Not snake nor snail but
One hundred puppy dog tails
Poor cursed pirate lass!

Wooo! Book launch party! Great contests :)

Carolina said...

Sat, plotting murder
living as 100 dogs sucked
must get my revenge


Haiku writing is very hard.

Unknown said...

Again, reading = not my forte...either that or following directions :)


Yan said...

May luck shine on me
For this glorious tale waits
To be devoured

I need this book!~

Jonathan E. Quist said...

Back from a long day in Peoria.
When you're not from Peoria, all days there are long. (Whoops, I think I just lost 114,000 potential readers.)

I know I'm not eligible for this contest, but I can't pass up word games.

Can't wait to read "Dogs".
Janet turned me on to it.
Do I hear hissing?

Big thanks to A.S., and special thanks to Janet Reid, who really did turn me on to The Dust of 100 Dogs. I haven't anticipated a new book in the mail this much since we pre-ordered Harry Potter 7.

Anonymous said...

Needle point cross
for victory, freedom forms,
the sea my battleground.

Paradox said...

I know you usually pick the funny entries rather than the "deep", but I'm submitting this anyway, even if it does suck.

By its own nature,
In a world that's infinite
There is no fiction.

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com


I really like these contests and I've entered every one I can. I guess I've been trying to prove something to myself. I come back every Thursday, hoping to even be on the top ten list, but so far I haven't had the honor. I want to get some of my own writing published someday. What exactly isn't appealing about my writing? You are a published author, so maybe you have some advice (?).

Just wondering...

Thao said...

Dog ate my poem
So I'll go with this instead
God bless me this time.

Sucks like hell I know : (

Gerb said...

My hands are itching
to grab hold of Amy's book.
No work done today.

A.S. King said...

Paradox - These games are meant to be fun! I don't think the judges have picked only funny entries at all - they have a wonderful eye for quality writing and it's a very difficult task. I think the number one thing a writer must do is have fun while writing. That certainly doesn't mean it's all slapstick (see D100D - which is pretty darn serious in spots) but it means that rather than be concerned with winning or placing, you can just let loose and write something you love -- even if no one else recognizes that. In short, that's how I got here - 15 years and 7 novels later -- publishing my "first book"! Keep at it! I love your entries! Thanks so much for coming around!

A.S. King said...

These are great entries! Can't wait to sift through later today...for now - I have to get through the D100D Mad Libs. Thanks SO MUCH for playing, guys!


Anonymous said...

Pirate life first, then
One hundred lives as a dog.
I would take her place.

Keith Cronin said...

Lots of canine dust;
whole new meaning for the phrase
"I'll keep an eye out."