Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look Familiar?

Hey wow! I just discovered (Like - a MONTH late) a cover look-alike blog about the cover of The Dust of 100 Dogs. Rather than post the image here and spoil the surprise, I'm sending you over to the original blog at Pop Culture Junkie. Groovy, eh? And stay tuned for another link this week. On Friday I will be over at Bookshelves of Doom as part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour. Full Schedule available at Chasing Ray.


Alea said...

Aww you are too nice! I agree, I like your cover better! I was shocked when i found the lookalike because as you said she fits so perfectly into the skull! I couldn't imagine seeing it in another context! I also really liked how they swapped in the book for the ship to create the flux catalog cover :D

Anonymous said...
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