Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Readers' Rants Review and Other Stuff

For those of you who are checking out reviews for The Dust of 100 Dogs here's a new one. Readers' Rants Blog My favorite line? "This is a completely original, crazy story that will suck you in and hold onto you." I do want to warn those, though, who might read into the 'fantasy' label some folks are putting on the book, that this book isn't fantasy. There isn't any 'magic.' Sure, there's one little curse and a whole lot of reincarnation, but a lot of humans on the planet (like a billion, at least) actually believe in reincarnation - and I'm one of them. Oh - and have you checked out Lisa McMann's Freaking Huge Contest-O-Thanks yet? Go to her News Page and check it out. Some SERIOUSLY groovy prizes!

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