Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Update - Construction

I finally got myself up to see Stephanie at Moravian Book Shop on Tuesday and let me just say - I am the luckiest book fiend around. I have three awesome indies within a ninety minute drive. Some people say: A NINETY MINUTE DRIVE? ARE YOU NUTS? No. I'm not nuts. I'm picky. I like to support communities. I like to have conversations with my booksellers. I like to talk books and ask for recommendations.** And Stephanie gave me a great one! The Patron Saint of Butterflies by Cecilia Galante looks awesome and I can't wait to read it! Of course, I can't read it yet. My to-do list is stupid long. Today, I go back to final copyedits on The Dust of 100 Dogs, and then I still have to get this next book finished and to my made-of-awesome agent. Until then, this blog is still under construction. But hey! Did you see the finished site for the book? Didn't Mike do an AMAZING job? SEE IT HERE. Oh! And don't forget to go to your local indie and buy these great books! LAMENT by Maggie Stiefvater and FREEZING POINT by Karen Dionne! Amy ** - This is not to say bigger corporate-owned bookstore employees don't give good recommendations. They do. I get great hints from a Borders bookseller I've known most of my life all the time. But when I stop into those bigger stores, it's pretty apparent that they are not there to chat with customers. And that's okay, too. I just prefer the human angle. I'm soft like that.

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Lenore Appelhans said...

Patron Saint of Butterflies was great!

And I know what you mean about having a stupidly long to-do list. It makes me cry when I think of all the fab books I could be gulping down and instead I have to actually WORK!!